TWR’s objective is to assist the Church worldwide through Christ-centered programming and outreach opportunities that focus on ministry initiatives encompassed in eight strategic directions.

  • To enhance our content to attract ever-larger audiences by forging the proper balance between TWR-originated content, content developed in partnerships and media-partner content that allows us to offer a holistic approach relevant to geography. To prioritize our funding against specific programs. To orient and position content in a manner that is fresh and relevant within diverse cultures.
  • To enhance our existing broadcast platforms by adding new facilities and upgrading our existing facilities.
  • To utilize new digital platforms that position us as leaders in the  mass media of the future and integrate these with our traditional broadcast platforms. 

  • To work in partnerships. To be intentional, systematic and strategic in developing and/or maintaining partnerships.
  • To advance our mission by intentionally recruiting, placing, training and retaining staff of all ages who can serve our expanding ministry in this generation and the next. 

  • To build a culture based upon Servant Leadership that empowers our staff to serve the Lord in an enabling manner. To function  in an environment of grace that fosters the development of the next generation of TWR staff.
  • To begin to proactively develop the current and future generations of TWR leadership.

  • To increase our revenue globally from donors, sales of service and products, and staff income while clarifying the control, flow and use of funds.