TWR Epic Story - Poland Prison Ministry

A young man sits slumped over in a prison cell he shares with 10 other inmates. Staring down at the filthy, rock-hard floor, he wonders what day it is. Not that it matters much in here, but as the days turn colder he remembers that his daughter’s birthday should be coming up soon. If only he knew that his wife and baby girl were safe and cared for…

He was in jail for trying to feed his family. The pitiful wages from his job had run out that month, and he couldn’t bear to see his sweet little girl go hungry. So, he had tried to steal some food from a farm down the road…and now he was paying for it with three years of his life.

Prison life in Eastern Europe is a far cry from that in much of the West. Prisoners may spend years in a tiny, dingy cell, where they are exposed to tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, or other diseases. In the midst of seemingly hopeless conditions, TWR broadcasts light among the darkness. In countries like Poland and Russia, prisoners are hearing the Word of God over the airwaves. God’s message of love, grace, and forgiveness brings healing to their wounded hearts and souls. In a world that has found them guilty, God has the power to proclaim them innocent. Though locked behind bars, these prisoners can be free indeed.

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