The Unfinished Task

794363_67708286Yes, we still have a job to do, and most of us are busy doing it. A 40-hour work week doesn’t seem like enough time to get it done. I have another overarching focus in mind, though.

Before us is the yet-unfinished task of the Great Commission. Our God-given mandate is clear: “Go, therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:18 ESV). Why? Because in the end “…a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages…” (Revelation 7:9 ESV) will worship before the throne of God and before the Lamb. Imagine what a time of praise that will be!

What is left to do? Depending on whether you choose an ethno-linguistic approach without political boundaries or a cultural ethno-linguistic approach with political boundaries, the number of peoples in the world today can range from 13,000 to more than 16,000. Of those, according to the Joshua Project, 6,955, or approximately 2.84 billion, are considered unreached, meaning there is “no indigenous community of believing Christians with adequate numbers and resources to evangelize this people group.”

What do you know about the Zermas of Niger? The Senoufo of Mali? The Pashtun of Southern Afghanistan? The Mozabites of Algeria? The Chechen of Russia? The Ticuna of Brazil? The K’iché of Guatemala? The Uyghur of China? The Tharu of Nepal? These are a few of the least-reached peoples who TWR desires to reach with the gospel.

In 2012, TWR’s focus is on reaching the unreached and unengaged peoples who, in many cases, can be reached only by mass media. We’re partnering with other effective ministries such as The Navigators, Wycliffe International, YWAM (Youth with a Mission), and the IMB (International Mission Board) to reach those who need to hear God’s Truth in ways they can understand and respond.

My brothers and sisters, I encourage you to learn about the unreached peoples of our world and then participate in the Spirit-led effort to reach people for Christ. Most important, though, is to pray.

Source: JudyBlog

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