The ministry of TWR is carried out by a large network of partners. TWR Europe collaborates with over 30 national partners who act as the in-country, on-the-ground media organizations who translate, adapt, produce and broadcast programs, as well as communicate with listeners.

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TWR Albania

TWR Albania was founded in 2003. Today, they produce programs for women, teenagers, Roma and young leaders. They have the largest prayer network in the country with 2,500 prayer partners who receive their monthly prayer calendar. TWR Albania airs 18 hours a week to reach the 7.3 million Albanian language speakers in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Greece.

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Did you know? Christianity is said to have been introduced in Albania during Paul’s missionary journeys in the days of the early church.

ERF Medien - Austria

ERF Osterreich was founded in 1981 and is part of ERF Medien, a media company in the German-speaking part of Europe that produces radio and television broadcasts, as well as Internet content. Along with weekly broadcasts for local radio stations, ERF Osterreich produces daily broadcasts in collaboration with ERF in Germany and Switzerland. The staff of ten is supported by a number of volunteers.

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Did you know? The German name for Austria, Osterreich, means “Eastern Empire” and refers to the time when Austria was a part of the Holy Roman Empire.

TWR Belarus

When the ministry was registered in 1992, it became the first official office of TWR in the former Soviet Union. The staff of five currently works from a local office and studio, where they - together with four volunteers - produce two 30-minute and five 15-minute programs each week. The majority of these programs are produced in the Russian language.

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Did you know? Belarus is sometimes translated as “white Russia.”

Studio 865 - Bulgaria 

Studio 865, a Christian media association, was founded in 1991 and is run by local Bulgarian Christians. The studio now produces daily 30-minute programs in Bulgarian and daily 15-minute programs in the Balkan-Romani dialect. The staff of 11 operates from their own facility, which includes radio and TV studios and newspaper and administrative offices.

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Did you know? Studio 865 takes its name from the year A.D. 865, when Boris I proclaimed Christianity as the official religion of Bulgaria.

Central Asia

TWR’s Central Asia ministry began in 2000. There are currently two offices and recording facilities within the region. TWR broadcasts programs for four hours daily in nine different Central Asian languages over medium wave.

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Did you know? Central Asia is closely linked with the historical trade Silk Road, which was a significant factor in the development of great civilizations such as China, Egypt and Rome.

TWR Czech

The first TWR radio programs in the Czech language were produced in Monte Carlo in the late 1960s. TWR-CZ was founded in 1990 and currently has a staff of 10. The 18 FM transmitters that air the programs cover 80 percent of Czech Republic. TWR-CZ and TWR Slovakia cooperate to provide 24/7 satellite broadcasts in the Czech and Slovak languages.

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Did you know? Even when Czech Republic and Slovakia were united as Czechoslovakia, Czech and Slovak have always been two separate languages.

Norea Danmark

Norea was founded in 1970 and began supporting its first international program in 1971. Today, Norea supports local radio projects in Denmark, as well as programs reaching people in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa. Norea has three people on staff and five board members.

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Did you know? The Danish monarchy is over 1,000 years old, making it the fourth oldest continuous monarchy in the world still existing today.

SANSA - Finland

Established in 1973, today Sansa produces programs in Finnish and supports programs in 39 other languages in Asia, Africa and Europe. They have a staff of 34, dozens of volunteers and 150 prayer groups.

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Did you know? There are as many as 180,000 islands and even more lakes in Finland.

Radio Colombe

Established in 1982, Radio Colombe is part of Phare FM, a network of seven radio stations in France and Belgium. Radio Colombe produces French TTB programs (Chemins de Vie), which are broadcast via TWR from Monday through Friday. Broadcasts are aired over 16 FM Stations and via several Internet sites. Radio Colombe is located near Lyon and has two staff members and four board members.

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Did you know? France touches three major bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean (Bay of Biscane), the Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel.

ERF Medien - Germany

Established in 1959, ERF began broadcasting the Gospel in 1961. ERF has expanded its reach via radio, television and the Internet. ERF Radio, having three different channels, broadcasts via satellite, cable, medium wave (AM) and on the Internet. ERF Television is broadcast via satellite, cable and also on the Internet. ERF has developed various webpages, some for Christians and others geared toward unbelievers. With their variety of programs, they reach diverse age groups. ERF currently participates in the production and distribution of national and international programs in more than 40 languages.

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Did you know? In 1916, Germany became the world’s first country to adopt Daylight Saving Time.

Val Evandjelja - Croatia

Founded in 2000, Val Evandjelja’s work encompasses media (radio, television, print), humanitarian, economic and cultural work. The full-time staff of two is supported by many part-time workers and volunteers and produces programs in Croatian.

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Did you know? The necktie was invented in Croatia and is called a “cravat,” which is derived from the word “Croat.”

TWR Hellas - Greece

Founded in 2003, TWR Hellas has a staff of three, some volunteers and a producer who comes in on a weekly basis. They produce and broadcast four programs: the daily Thru the Bible (TTB), Journey Into Life, the weekly ITM’S Meeting with Life and the weekly music program Life’s Melody.

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Did you know? The popular yo-yo, the second oldest known toy in the world, originated in ancient Greece around 3,000 years ago.

Magyar Evangeliumi Radio Alapitvany (MERA) - Hungary

Though production preparations could not be performed openly, TWR has aired Christian radio programs in the Hungarian language since 1961. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, TWR’s Hungarian Partner, MERA, was officially registered, and it has operated as a public benefit foundation since 1998. Hungarian programs are broadcast by shortwave, medium wave and satellite and are also available on the Internet. MERA has 14 people on staff.

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Did you know? Hungary became a Christian kingdom in A.D. 1000.

Centro di Radiodiffusione Cristiana (CRC) -Italy 

CRC was founded in 1957 and produces programs in Italian. It has seven board members, six staff and 150 volunteers.

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Did you know? The thermometer is an Italian invention.

Gerosios Naujienos Centras (GNC) - Lithuania

Founded in 1998, GNC consists of 11 members, each representing a different Christian denomination. They air programs on FM and AM, including the award-winning children’s program The Little Evening Star, and organize conferences, seminars, concerts and events in Lithuania.

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Did you know? The first publishing house in Lithuania was founded in Vilnius in 1522, and the first Lithuanian book was published in 1547.

The Middle East

Founded in 1998, TWR Europe’s partner in the Middle East covers the entire Arab region (around 325 million people in 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa) with 50 hours of weekly radio broadcasts. The variety of programs helps attract different people in this region, such as youth, women and non-literates, and tries to address spiritual, psychological and even physical needs. With limited freedom of the press and little religious freedom, the challenges are many, making it difficult to reach out to the masses in Arab-speaking nations. More than ever before, however, listeners are asking questions and expressing a deep interest in Christianity.

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Did you know? The Middle Eastern region is sometimes referred to as the Crossroads.

TWR Nederland en Belgie

Founded in 1965, Trans World Radio Nederland en Belgie has, for many years, supported radio programs and projects reaching into China, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. In January 2010, they began airing De Bijbel Door (Thru the Biblein Dutch.

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Did you know? Almost every Dutch person has a bicycle; there are twice as many bikes as cars in the country.

North Africa

In 1973, Daisy Marsh started the first TWR radio program for the Kabyle people of Algeria. Today, TWR Europe’s North African region is comprised of five different countries and produces programs in several dialects of Berber and Arabic. Accessibility remains the biggest challenge to reaching the people of North Africa with the Gospel. Many people living in this region are oral communicators, preferring to learn and communicate through stories and verbal means. These factors make radio an important tool to reach the people in this region. Among its broadcasts into North Africa, TWR includes programs geared specifically towards oral communicators; these programs share the Gospel, encourage believers and offer hope to men and women of all ages.

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Did you know? There are over 2,000 languages spoken in Africa. Arabic (in various dialects) has the highest number of speakers with over 170 million speakers, mostly living in North Africa and the Horn of Africa.

P7 Kristen Riksradio (KRR) - Norway

KRR produces and distributes programs primarily for the local network in Norway and the Internet. Founded in 1995, KRR financially supports international Christian radio work in North Africa, the Middle East, Greece, Venezuela and Turkmenistan. They have three staff members and five board members.

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Did you know? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Norwegians read more than any other population in the world.

Norea Mediemisjon - Norway

Founded in 1956, Norea supports ministries in 24 countries and 36 languages. They have six board members and 20 staff members. They produce programs for local outlets and cooperate with another ministry on the production of a Christian TV program.

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Did you know? Norway is regarded as the birth place of modern skiing.

Impuls Trans World Radio Polska - Poland

Polish programming produced by Impuls Trans World Radio Polska airs nine-and-a-half hours weekly. The organization was founded in 1994 and has six board members, five staff members and a number of volunteers.

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Did you know? The White-tailed Eagle is the national symbol of Poland.

Radio Transmundial de Portugal (RTM)

Founded in 2002, RTM has a full-time staff of two and many volunteers. They produce and air programs on FM and via web radio.

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Did you know? During the Roman Empire, Portugal was called Luisitania.

TWR Romania

TWR Romania produces four hours of weekly programming in Romanian for adults and children, plus an additional two-and-a-half hours weekly in Romani-Kalderash (Roma dialect). All of the programs are aired on medium wave, some FM stations and on the Internet. Founded in 1998, TWR Romania currently has four board members and six staff.

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Did you know? A professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest was the first person to see living nervous cells with a microscope.

IKONOS - Serbia

Ikonos was founded in 2000. The staff of four currently produces programs in five languages: Serbian, Bosnian, Macedonian (since 2004) and the Roma dialects of Serbian-Romani (since 2006) and Macedonian Balkan-Romani (since 2009). The programs are aired on AM at 1395 kHz and 1548 kHz, on shortwave and on local FM stations.

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Did you know? Serbia’s export of raspberries accounts for one third of all the raspberries in the world.

TWR Slovakia

TWR Slovakia was founded after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1990 and received its license for Radio 7 in 2005. Radio 7 broadcasts in collaboration with TWR Czech, airing 24 hours daily in the Czech and Slovak languages. Programs are available via Internet, satellite and medium wave. TWR Slovakia has three full-time, three part-time and 15 volunteer workers that produce a variety of programs geared toward all age groups.

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Did you know? A Slovak inventor patented the first actively used parachute in 1913.


Canal de Vida is a Partner successor of Evangelismo en Acción, TWR’s Partner in Spain for the last 40 years. Canal de Vida produces audiovisual productions in cooperation with the Federation of Evangelical Churches of Spain (FEREDE). Currently, the FEREDE committee manages Good News TV, a television program on TVE, Protestant Worlda radio program, and Radio Encuentro, a RNE radio station.

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Did you know? The capital city of Madrid is located in the exact center of the country.

Norea Sverige - Sweden

Founded in 1993, Norea Sweden's five staff members and 20-plus volunteers work with a total of 20 programs in 15 languages. In country, the Swedish Thru the Bible programs are broadcast on more than 40 local FM stations. Production of Women of Hope in Swedish has recently started. Outside the country, Norea supports TWR broadcasts in West and North Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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Did you know? Sweden has originated a number of inventions, including the zipper, the refrigerator, the computer mouse and the pacemaker.

ERF Medien - Switzerland

With 42 employees, ERF Medien is the largest Christian media organization in Switzerland. Since 1973, the purpose of ERF Medien Switzerland is to address the claims of the Gospel, as well as discussions surrounding faith issues, on radio and TV. The programs are supplied to local and international stations. ERF Medien produces and broadcasts the TV program Fenster Zum Sonntag and the radio station Life Channel. Life Channel can be heard via cable network, Internet, Bluewin TV, Astra satellites and DAB.

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Did you know? In 2008, Switzerland's per capita chocolate consumption was 12.4 kilograms (including imports).

TWR Ukraine

TWR programs in the Ukrainian language were aired within the Russian block of programs from Monte Carlo starting in 1962. After the fall of the Iron Curtain, TWR Ukraine was founded in September 1990 and officially registered on 9 February 1999. The ministry is carried out today by 10 staff members and about 10 volunteers. The Ukrainian team is responsible for nearly nine hours of weekly program production, follow-up ministry, fundraising and marketing.

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Did you know? Ukraine is a major center of sugar production.

TWR United Kingdom

Founded in 1963, TWR-UK has a staff of 13 producing a variety of programs in English that are aired on medium wave, shortwave, digital satellite, Freesat and the Internet. They also support and promote TWR’s global work.

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Did you know? The first traffic light was used in London in 1868 to control horse buggies.