TWR360 is a free, online portal that allows you to access biblical media resources on demand in over 40 languages.

The site automatically detects your language settings and displays all content currently available in that language. You can read the Bible, listen to a sermon, watch the JESUS Film video, stream worship music or download an e-book. But the best part is sharing! TWR360 makes it easy share the gospel with your neighbors and friends in their heart language.

The Mission of TWR360

By focusing on users of Web and mobile applications in support of the Church's task of fulfilling Christ's Great Commission, TWR360 aims to

  • Enable anyone anywhere at any time to gain easy, efficient access via computer or smartphone to the wide range of Christian digital resources in his or her own heart language
  • Provide Christian communicators with an integrated, multifunctional outlet for disseminating their materials alongside other ministries large and small
  • Serve as a central site where's massive and growing catalog of programming can be made available in coordination with radio broadcasts but free of time and location constraints