What’s the Buzz About?


“It sounds like one million bees have invaded South Africa,” stated one newscaster. Health practitioners are alerting World Cup fans to protect their ears from the loud buzzing nose. Of course, it’s just the thousands of enthusiastic World Cup fans simultaneously blowing their trumpets that created that ear-deafening blast of sound. Are you listening to the games?

Amid the racket of noisy fans, however, there is a sound of life for those who are ready to listen. Especially created for sports fans and the World Cup audience, TWR is broadcasting a brand new sports program titled Up For The Corner. The daily broadcast airs on TWR Radio 155 and the Internet from June 9 to July 12, covering the duration of the sporting event.

The sports program includes the freshest details on the games with a unique Christian perspective. “We have a great opportunity to engage with football fans during the tournament,” said CEO Adrian Barnard from 2K Plus, a broadcast partner of Up For The Corner. 2K Plus is the world’s only Christian sports media agency, and has reported on Olympic Games and World Cups since 1991. FEBA South Africa, Rhema FM 91.9 and HCJB Global also helped produce the sports program.

To promote a relevant, alternative, Christ-centered lifestyle to sports fans around the world is one of the outcomes desired by producers of Up For The Corner. But above all, on a backdrop of colors from all flags and races of the world, this program wishes to bridge all participants of the 2010 World Cup with the knowledge of God.

For those who are interested, the program will be available from the 2K Plus Gateway Web site and on the TWR Africa Web site as a daily podcast. Visit www.twrafrica.org for more information.

Source: TWR Africa

Photo Credit: TWR Africa

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