Traveling Route 66


“We have false doctrines and prosperity theology”

21 August 2012 - “Pray for us,” says seminary professor and RTM Brazil (Rádio Trans Mundial or TWR Brazil) program producer Luiz Sayão. “One of the problems we have in the church in Brazil is that we have a lot of evangelism, a lot of passion. It’s really growing, but it’s like a big lake that doesn’t have depth. We have a lot of controversies, false doctrines and prosperity theology. Our goal is to bring people back to the Bible — the simple message of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“sometimes a Bible commentary
can be a little boring”

RTM Brazil Executive Director José Carlos dos Santos voiced similar concerns for the evangelical church in Brazil, “The church needs to be more solid, have deeper roots in the Bible.”

Luiz Sayão (l) and José Carlos dos Santos (r)

One of the more recent radio programs created to address the need for sound biblical teaching is Route 66. “It’s indeed a Bible commentary,” says Luiz, who serves as on-air host of this and other RTM programs, “but sometimes a Bible commentary can be a little boring. Our idea was to use the name Route 66 because of the famous highway that’s known around the world. And we have a wonderful journey from Genesis to Revelation — all ‘66’ books of the Bible.”

“We use words that people
use on a daily basis”

Luiz adds, “It’s contemporary. We use words that people use on a daily basis, but we stay in complete relationship to the Bible text. The first 12 minutes of the program offers an explanation of the text. Then we have Q-and-A moments in which we involve another pastor. It ends with a life application of the core biblical truth of that specific chapter.”


A total of 613 Portuguese-language programs have been produced so far that cover 2,500 questions about the Bible. RTM Brazil plans to translate this radio series into Spanish, English and Mandarin. A video series of the study of Acts, filmed in the Bible lands, is complete. Projects under way include video production of Paul’s prison letters and the Gospel of John, expected to be finished in 2013.

Route 66 is not only on the air but is available on CD, and to date, 10,000 copies have sold. Through this popular series, RTM Brazil hopes to bring the listener back to the solid truth of Bible doctrine.

Source: JudyBlog

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