Hungry in Central Asia


"I cannot thank God enough for these radio programs."

21 June 2012 - This week's Ministry Moments comes from overjoyed listeners in Central Asia. They are hungry for the Word of God, and it is with great joy that we offer programs that reveal the deep truths of Scripture. May these responses encourage you and remind you of our brothers and sisters seeking and serving Christ all over the world. We are one body. To God be the glory!

"Dear honorable and loved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, co-workers from TWR in Central Asia, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you richly in your ministry, give you health and His wisdom and guidance through His Holy Spirit as you reveal His Word in truth. I pray this especially for you, Brother A, as you read the lessons. May it be said of you just as it was said of Christ, 'he teaches with authority', penetrating the hearts of the listeners in their language. I cannot thank God enough for these radio programs. People have been working on replacing the electricity towers in our area for the past two days, so we did not have any power when your programs were aired. I am anxiously awaiting your next program. I have really missed them."

"I tell people about them wherever I go."

"I would pay anything to listen to your programs. About seven years ago, my daughter and several others gave me a new radio. This was God’s provision. I wanted to share this with you. I am anxiously awaiting your letter and the next program. May God bless you richly, your listener from B."

"...Please forgive me if I have not expressed myself clearly. I am uneducated and need your teaching. Let me know if something was not said clearly and I will try to explain it to you. The current programs are about the Prophet Daniel and are very interesting. I tell people about them wherever I go. I tell them about these programs in our language. I send you heartfelt greetings in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ."

To learn more about our outreach in Central Asia, click HERE.

Source: Ministry Moments
Photo: Evgeni Zotov

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