Algerian Listener Speaks for Thousands of Kabyles


"Thousands of Kabyles convert to Christ from other religions by radio programs."

11 June 2012
- In continuation of last week’s Ministry Moments from North Africa, today we bring you a Skype conversation transcript with a radio listener from Algeria. We love to use all forms of media to speak Hope to the world, but it’s also beautiful to see that God is still powerfully working through the medium we started out with—radio.


TWR Producer: Good evening, KA!

Listener KA: Good evening.

TWR Producer: Tell me, do you watch the TV broadcasts or other Christian television programs?

Listener KA: I watched these evangelistic programs twice with a friend in his home. It is very well done, but I have found that the televised broadcasts cannot replace the radio programs.

"It is impossible to watch programs
in the house with the members of my
family who are of another religion."

TWR Producer: For which reason?

Listener KA: The reason is clear, my dear friend; the television programs are not accessible to all, especially in this world. I take my own example; I watched these TV programs twice with a friend because he and his family are Christians. They all watch the Christian programs on television together, but I am the only woman who believes in Christ in my family. This is why it is impossible for me to watch such programs in the house with the members of my family who are of another religion. However, I could listen to the programs played on the radio in my room without fearing anybody. You see the difference? There are numerous cases like this.

TWR Producer: Thank you for this information, KA. We request to God to prolong the life of these radio broadcasts.

Listener KA: You should know these things, my brother! Thousands of Kabyles that convert to Christ from other religions are not converted by television programs, but by radio programs.

"we are engaged in a fierce combat"

TWR Producer: That is wonderful. Thank you for sharing! Do you have any final remarks?

Listener KA: You should rejoice because your work is not vain. Pray for us because we are engaged in a fierce combat.

TWR Producer: I promise it! Persevere in the path of Christ without fear! Go in peace!


To learn more about a new radio program being produced for North African seekers called Bible Fountain, click HERE.

Photo: Frerieke

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