The Broken CD Player


"It is not Allah of Islam, that which my heart never sought to know."

This week's Ministry Moments comes from the Kabyle Berber group in North Africa. The deep love for God and each other is beautifully evident in this couple's response. This is the story of how God used a broken CD player to change everything. May it strengthen your love for God and your bond to other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Hello dear friends of the radio,

My wife and I have been your faithful listeners since last year. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Dawed, and the name of my wife is Habiba. My wife and I came to Jesus thanks to God first of all and also to your programs on TWR. Now I am going to let my wife Habiba speak. She is going to tell you what God, who knows hearts, has done.

"This music transports my heart towards
celestial places where I feel the presence of God"

Thank you Dawed! It is with pleasure that I am going to tell my small testimony in a few words to our brothers who send us Jesus' Word on Radio-TWR. In my daily life, I spend much of my time listening to music without words—Beethoven or Mozart for example! This music transports my heart towards celestial places where I feel the presence of God who resides in celestial harmony. It is not Allah of Islam, that which my heart never sought to know.

One day, in God's providence, I broke my CD player while dropping it from a wardrobe. The CD reader was broken, but the radio still functioned. The circumstance obliged me to look for music on the radio waves, and I came upon your programs on TWR for the first time. I heard the last 10 minutes or so of the end of a program.

"The God I had searched for in music
proved to be what I yearned for"

I heard the parable of the sower who has sowed in the different fields the good seed that came from the sky. The God who resides in Heaven that I had searched for in music without words proved to be what I yearned for. He speaks with us and resides on the earth in our midst. He came to us and sowed His seed in my heart and that of my spouse. Isn’t that right, Dawed?

Photo: John Spooner

Yes, my darling, absolutely! It was the same Lord who revealed himself to me also in His Word. When you told me about your experiences, I did not believe it! But as I began to listen with you to the broadcasts on TWR, I was convinced that the word of the Bible is the Word of God living in the light of Jesus Christ.

We are thankful that all our brothers and sisters who are in the service of Jesus do not cease sending to us the word of salvation in Jesus Christ by the radio waves. Remain in the peace of Jesus!

Your brother Dawed and your sister Habiba

If you want to learn more about the Berber people of North Africa and how you could help reach them, please click HERE. We pray Dawed and Habiba are just a couple of the many that come to know Jesus and grow in their faith through our radio broadcasts. To God be the glory!

Source: Ministry Moments
Lead Photo: Todd Mecklem

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