New Web Layout


You may have noticed some changes here at

We are now using bolder colors and bolder fonts. This is to enhance appearance, but also enhance the visitor's experience.


home page

We cleaned up the home page by getting rid of unused space and links. The consolidated result is bold and accessible.

The new, dynamic slideshow at the top of the page will feature the latest posts.

Along with the improved appearance and placement of existing links, we added a link to our recently launched Instagram page.


Our story pages have improved significantly. The larger photos enhance the appearance, while the updated fonts and spacing allow for easier reading.

We've added links to other news stories on the site to the right panel of each story page. This allows the reader to easily navigate to related content without having to search for it.

A neat feature that was added is the comments portion at the bottom of each story page. This will allow for greater communication and interaction as readers can write their thoughts on the articles. No login is required, so it is quick and easy.


As with any changes, there will be a period of working out some kinks, but we hope you continue to enjoy the content. Stories continue to be told. Lives continue to be transformed. The Message of Hope continues to be spoken, and TWR Europe is privilege to play a role in what God is doing worldwide.

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