Is Iran Hopeless?


"An impossible and helpless situation"

Pray Iran Now began with a clear understanding of Iran’s difficult situation. An impossible and helpless situation might better describe it.

However, Pray Iran Now also began with a clear understanding that God shows up in difficult situations. He gets the glory in impossible and helpless situations!

"Will you join us?"

TWR and Pray Iran Now, along with many other organizations and individuals, are challenging people to fervently and relentlessly remember the desperate nation of Iran before a powerful and sovereign God. Will you join us?

How can you get started? How about checking out the Prayer Calendar that provides specific prayer requests for each day of the month.


Another neat feature on the site is a page that breaks Iran down into people groups, providing pertinent information. Find out about the identity and status of Christianity in each of these communities.


For more information and resources, visit Pray Iran Now’s website.

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