Kazakhstan Programs Light the Way


"This was exactly 10 years ago. I remember it well."

This week’s Ministry Moments comes from a listener in Russia. Many communities in southwestern Russia and Central Asia are considered oral societies. This is due to their colorful traditions based on stories, poetry, and music. Radio is crucial to reaching these people with the Hope found in Christ! In the privacy of their homes, they can absorb the oral biblical teaching they so desperately need in order to grow in their faith.

Thank you for your letters. I have time to listen to the radio at my work. My shift is very long. Once in the evening I turned the radio dial and came across your program
The Way to Peace. I came home and told my wife, “I have found the programs from Kazakhstan.” This was exactly 10 years ago. I remember it very well.

"She died a child of God"

My wife showed interest at first, but then did not want to listen anymore because there were too many words she didn’t understand. I continued to listen and later I found out that she was also listening. From that point on we began listening together up until she died. She died a child of God. My wife and I have told many people through the years where they can listen to the programs. We have even showed them how to tune their radios to the station.

To learn more about the programs for Central Asia and how to get involved, click HERE.

Source: Ministry Moments
Photo: LaoWai Kevin

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