You. Triathlon. Africa. Yes, You.

What is your role in blessing Africa through a triathlon?

The world’s largest triathlon—500 meters swimming, 22 kilometers biking, and five kilometers running—takes place on July 21st this summer in Hamburg, Germany. Thorsten Grahn of ERF International, TWR’s Partner in Germany, will be participating, and he wants everyone to get involved.


Watch a brief video of Thorsten describing "triathlon4afrika" HERE.

The maximum time allowed to finish the triathlon is two hours and 15 minutes. Thorsten is asking for people to sponsor him by contributing a small donation for every minute in which he finishes under the maximum time.


All of the proceeds will go towards three projects:

1. The production of 52 radio programs about reconciliation in Africa.
(100 Euros per program)
2. The production of a radio series from persecuted Christians to persecuted Christians.
(100 Euros per program)
3. The extension of a fence around the apartment of a young couple living in Johannesburg, South Africa, that have suffered eight break-ins within the last 4.5 years!
(600 Euros)


Thorsten also challenges others to join him! For up to ten people participating in a triathlon this year, whether in Hamburg or elsewhere, he will contribute 1 Euro per minute (under the maximum time allowed) towards these same projects in Africa.

To sponsor Thorsten or get involved yourself, write him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message in the “Comments” portion of his triathlon4afrika blog.


Information in English HERE.
Information in German HERE.

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