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iran_small“They wanted to do one thing before they died: they wanted to go to a church...”

The following account of listeners in the Middle East coming to Christ through radio broadcasts is taken from the JudyBlog:

There is treasure in the darkness. The treasure can be a myriad of things, depending on who you are and what the Lord wants to accomplish in your life. The ultimate treasure, however, is the Cross. Easter Sunday never looked so good!

TWR listeners in the Middle East who come to Christ appreciate the valuable treasure they have received and count the cost. Many are immediately called to share in Christ’s sufferings (2 Peter 4:12-14). It’s in a dark world that those touched by the radiance of the risen Christ shine the brightest. Here is an inspiring testimony of God’s grace illuminating the darkness:

They listened to the radio broadcasts and heard about Jesus and that he came to earth not just as a prophet but as the Son of God. They heard the gospel and realized that they could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. First the man received Christ, then the woman.

They continued to listen and for years thought they were the only believers in the country. Over time, they discovered that there were at least 50 believers in their village.

This couple continued to grow in their faith. They got in touch with TWR’s Persian-language program producer and told him that they wanted to do one thing before they die: they wanted to go to a church.

TWR, along with eight other organizations, holds discipleship conferences outside of Iran eight or nine times a year. This couple attended one of our conferences and received discipleship training for a week.

When they were ready to return to Iran, they were overjoyed because they had been able to sing, ask questions and were able to freely fellowship with other believers for the first time. They are now better equipped to share their faith with others who desire to learn about Jesus. Last week we received a message that twenty people in this group were taken into custody by the secret police and six remain in custody at this time.

Ray Alary, director of TWR’s national partner in Canada, who shared this story with me and knows of this couple wrote, “As I get involved in situations like the one I have described, I realize yet again the battle we’re in and what the price is for some who come to faith. The amazing thing is that these people don’t want our sympathy; they simply want our prayers because they know God is faithful.”

Please pray with us for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. If you’d like to know more about TWR’s outreach to the Persian-speaking world, click HERE.

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