Praying for Women in Southern Africa

praying-for-women-in-southern-africa.jpg_altProject Hannah’s prayer ministry started in Angola over ten years ago. Today in Africa, the prayer ministry is in 30 countries and the Women of Hope program is in 12 languages, with more in development. Production training and script translation in several languages is taking place as we wait for the funds to produce and put these programs on the air. In Southern Africa alone, Project Hannah’s ministry is changing lives in Angola, Burundi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland. Women are helping women to be all they can be for God’s glory.

Women in Southern Africa struggle to provide for their families. Many of their husbands have mistresses or multiple wives. The number of women in Southern Africa with HIV/AIDS is the highest in the world. They also suffer from lack of clean water, electricity and proper sanitation. Unemployment and lack of education and training keeps them in the grip of poverty. Besides caring for their children and the home, many women sell goods on the street, but at the end of the day they earn almost nothing, not even enough for a meal to feed their family. When they reach home, many of them are victims of domestic violence (verbal and physical) from their husbands.

In the midst of many difficulties, Project Hannah prayer groups take hope and spiritual guidance to women and their families. Dignity is restored, families are reunited and prisoners are set free. We desire to get Women of Hope on the air in as many local languages as possible so that more women can receive practical advice on health and relationships and receive encouragement from God’s Word.

Source: Project Hannah

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