Her Life Changed

15_fc1da7257992fc36032e11db3df7a664_mIn Jesus' day, women were not respected or highly valued in Jewish society. During his time of ministry, though, Jesus often went out of his way to show that God does place a high value on women. Many times he helped women, even though the religious leaders looked down on him for this.

One day Jesus and his disciples were passing through an area called Samaria. The Samaritan people were only partly Jewish, so they were greatly disliked by the Jews. Jesus could have gone another way, but he needed to show the Samaritans that God loved them too. At noon, they stopped to rest by a well, because Jesus was tired. His disciples went into the nearby village to buy food, but Jesus did not go with them. He stayed by the well, because he knew someone was coming that he needed to talk to.

A woman came out to the well to draw water. She had been married five times, and was now living with a man who was not her husband. She was not considered a good woman, even by her own people. It is very possible that she had to come by herself to the well at the hottest time of day because even the other women did not want to be with her. But this was the woman that Jesus needed to talk to.

He asked her for a drink of water from the well. She was surprised because she knew that the Jews did not like her people. Jesus told her he could give her living water. He was talking about spiritual water to satisfy her thirsty soul and give her a new relationship with God that would last forever. Jesus told her that he knew about her sinful lifestyle, but that God loved her in spite of that and wanted her to have the gift of eternal life. The woman could see that Jesus was a prophet, but she did not understand that he was much more than a prophet. After a time of discussion with her, Jesus told her that he was the Messiah, the Christ promised by God in his holy word.

When the woman heard this, she left her water pot at the well and ran back into the village and told everyone to come out to the well to meet the man who was there and see if he actually was the Christ. They could see the great change in her and came out to meet Jesus at the well. Many of the villagers also believed in him, and asked him to stay with them. He stayed for two days, teaching them God's way so that many more believed.

God not only changed this woman's life but let her be the one to introduce the villagers to Jesus so they could also believe.

Source: Project Hannah Africa

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