Studio 865 Celebrated 20th Anniversary


Times are changing in Bulgaria. Since Bulgaria’s initial transition from Communism in 1989, the Christian community has experienced greater freedom. Studio 865, a Christian media association founded and run by local Bulgarian Christians, has taken advantage of this freedom. Their initial vision remains the same today - to assist churches from different denominations in reaching Bulgaria with the Gospel of Jesus Christ via mass media.

As Bulgaria grows and encounters an increasing amount of new technology, Studio 865 is utilizing TV, radio, Internet, and print media in order to encourage the Christian community in Bulgaria and address the needs of those yet untouched by the Gospel. “In these times when it is difficult for churches to speak to society, Studio 865 gives the voice of the churches towards society.” Rev. Victor Virchev, President of the Pentecostal Church in Bulgaria.

This spring Studio 865 celebrated 20th anniversary of its ministry. Our Partner rented a nice hall in the city center and hosted approximately 80 guests, including former staff, church representatives, and some media. TWR Europe and 3xM representatives were the official foreign guests.

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