Tea Time

Kate_GreeceWomen of Hope programs are so effective in speaking to women’s hearts because they communicate to women by sharing personal experiences and letting the women know that they are understood and cared for. The host converses with the listener in a friendly, personal way, like a “tea party on the air.” Listeners feel that they are friends with the host and that the message is made specifically for them as individuals. As this one-to-one relationship develops, there is great potential for a trusting response.

In Greece, Project Hannah workers learned how to contextualize the message for listeners. Contextualization is the cup that serves the message; it keeps the message the same but changes the way it is presented. Translators must keep the theme of the message but are given freedom to cater practical advice to the local culture.

Hope in Christ is a relevant message for all people, but there are particular topics that speak specifically to women. Women thirst for a message just for them and a friend to share it with them; they find this friend in the host of Women of Hope. The message speaks directly to listeners’ hearts, and when it is contextualized and served in a culturally appropriate cup, women drink it up.

By: Kate McVey

Photo credit: Dawn Siemens

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