Quests and Discoveries

Program for Turkmen Nonbelievers and Seekers

105_0505In Turkmenistan, those who are over 30 years of age were educated in an atheistic, Soviet environment. They were taught that God is for the weak, and it is impossible for educated people to believe that he exists. The Turkmen people need to know not only that God is real, but that He wants to touch their minds and hearts in a personal way.

The radio program Quests and Discoveries shows Turkmen listeners the truth God's existence through interviews with scientists, actors and other well-known members of the community. The manuscripts were especially designed to reach people who grew up with little or no knowledge of God. The testimonies they hear in the program will help them realize that the Bible is a book they can trust, that God does exist and that they can have a personal relationship with him through Jesus Christ.

Will you consider how you could be part of this life-changing radio program? Click here to make a donation.

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