TWR-Brazil Hopes to Drive Route 66 around the World

Rpite_66_BrazilIn an effort to provide biblical resources in-country and beyond, TWR Brazil has produced Route 66, a distinctive three-year audio series that takes listeners through each book of the Bible. Currently available in Portuguese, the program features Luis Sao, a renowned theologian in Brazil. The series is available on the radio but also has been packaged and sold in DVD format with an accompanying study book.

“Several thousand of these sets have been sold in churches and bookstores in Brazil,” says Tim Klingbeil, TWR international director for the Americas. “There is also a Portuguese language Route 66 study Bible in development, as well as videos and possible TV programs.”

Klingbeil explained that Route 66 resonates with listeners because of its fresh, practical teaching and unique format. “It’s a fascinating program that includes dialogue, humor and a really different approach than a typical teaching style,” he says. “Ultimately, the TWR-Brazil staff wants to see Route 66 translated into Spanish, English and other languages so it can be used as a global resource.”

For more information about TWR-Brazil, visit the ministry’s Portuguese-language site at

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