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April 2011

Rabije from Albania

TouchedAs a way to deal with their poverty, Rabije’s parents arranged her marriage at the age of 17 to a man much older than herself. Soon after, her husband began abus-ing her physically. Every night, he would show her the gun he had in the closet, telling her that her end could come at any time.

When she got pregnant three years later, her husband divorced her. Although she did not know how to feed the baby, she had a terrible fear in her heart when think-ing of abortion. For the next several months, Rabije and her mother were living off of what their neighbors would give to them.

The Albanian Project Hannah team met this shy, pale faced, young lady when she was eight months pregnant and had not been eating for days. Her face showed hopelessness and fear for the future. After providing money to buy food for a few days, the team aired the story and asked listeners and partners for support. In this way, food, clothing, furniture, medical help and even a house was provided.

Three months after initially meeting the team in Albania, Rabije is a different per-son. She has a beautiful baby girl and is coming to church regularly. She is attend-ing a professional course so that she might have a job and be able to provide for her family.

Today, Rabije wears a smile in her face because she was touched by the hand of God. Is there a woman around you that needs to be touched by God’s hand through you?

TWR’s Project Hannah is offering compassion, encouragement and hope to suffering women worldwide through prayer, awareness and the Women of Hope radio program, which is broadcasted in over 55 languages. In February 2004, Pro-ject Hannah started in Albania; it is a country where domestic violence happen frequently because it is not culturally ap-propriate to speak of these issues outside of home. The 30-minute weekly "Women of Hope” program breaks through the silent suffering of women and shares about the God who sees and listens to them.

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