Project Hannah's Global Ministry Expands into Turkey

5286157_sCountless millions of women around the world face unimaginable horrors from wars that never seem to end; natural disasters that steal their families and homes; diseases that ravage their bodies; poverty and illiteracy that leave them struggling to merely survive. And worse, many are trapped in the silence of their pain, with no one to speak on their behalf or listen to their voices in need.

To reach these women, TWR created Project Hannah, a ministry of compassion, encouragement and hope to women worldwide. Project Hannah (PH) airs the Women of Hope radio program in over 50 languages, giving listeners spiritual insight, practical advice for themselves and their families, and a global perspective on the needs of women. PH also gathers tens of thousands of men and women together in a global prayer movement, uplifting the plight of women before the Lord.

Project Hannah's Founder and Global Ministry Director, Marli Spieker, believes that now is the time for TWR to bring Project Hannah to Turkey. Why? As Marli says, “Whenever women suffer, it’s high time to take them the message of hope in Jesus Christ.” In addition, TWR has a ministry partner willing to help this work get under way. Plus, we feel that the timing and the need for greater gospel outreach in Turkey today is truly providential. Due to Turkey being a direct neighbor to the Arab world, which has exploded in revolution and violence, this country is a tremendously strategic nation in this scenario serving as the bridge between Europe and Asia. There are millions of women in that region who desperately need to hear the liberating message of Jesus Christ.

To learn how to support Project Hannah in Turkey, click here.

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