Get to know us and our ministry better with the following resources:


Click here to view our stories. We regularly post inspirational and useful stories and updates from various ministries worldwide.


Click here to view our videos. These videos provide a better understanding of our ministry and that of our Partners throughout the TWR Europe region.

Free Downloads

Click here to view our free downloads. Feel free to download and use our promoting materials in PDF.

Ministry Moments

Click here to view our Ministry Moments posts. The TWR network receives thousands of listener responses each year from people personally affected by TWR’s media ministry. Each response gives us an inspiring, humbling glimpse of God’s mighty work in people’s lives and how He has allowed us to be a part of it all. In such moments, we’re reminded why we’re here.

TWR Europe's Web News

In TWR Europe's Web News, we regularly prepare and publish new articles, encouraging testimonies, life-changing stories, news from the TWR world and much more. To make sure you have the latest info, we invite you to sign up for our periodic Web News.

Our Story Archive

Click here to view our Our Story posts. Our Story is TWR Europe's monthly initiative based on life-changing stories of our listeners. Please click on "Read more..." under any of the posted stories to read them online or to download them as a PDF in English and German.

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