A Ray of Light in the Kingdom of Darkness

Listener’s letters from Ukraine

690213_64006844“Thank you so much for your ministry. Your programs help me to get to know God deeper. His Word comforts, upholds and helps to implement its eternal truth into life. The testimonies of other people are also very helpful. Programs about alcoholism, superstitions, about relationships in the family, towards elderly people, raising children [all] are much needed. How great that in a cruel time like ours there are people like you. You are a ray of light in the kingdom of darkness.”

“I am so grateful to the Lord for your ministry. Thank you so much for such needed, interesting and cognitive radio programs. I praise God for the subjects you bring, for people that you invite who by God’s help shed such broad light on the chosen subjects bringing God’s truths to us by giving their testimonies. This is very important! May the Lord bless you in this ministry. I am writing to you not for the first time. You have always blessed me with your answers. Thank you very much. May I ask you for the recording of the program on the subject: ‘How to Choose Rightly.’ This program was God’s answer to a situation in our lives”.

“Just recently I began to listen to the programs of TWR. Some time ago, when I was just a nominal Christian, I threw away my radio receiver. I never thought that I would need it again. Then a brother-believer told me about the programs of TWR on medium wave and I went to look for my old radio set. I was so thankful to God that it still worked when I switched it on. And now in our home every evening is the sound of Trans World Radio. For me – listening to the Word of God – is a prayer with closed eyes. I thank God that you exist.”

“Dear brothers and sisters, I decided to write to you today. I am 70 years old. I do not cross the threshold of my house, because of the pain in my legs. This is going on already for the last 7 years. In church I am only twice during the summer, when the weather is good and dry. I live in a village on a hill, and the car cannot always get to it. Therefore I am living by your programs. Not far from me live my daughter and her family. We all listen together to TWR. I like it when you invite us to pray together…”

“Peace unto you, dear brothers and sisters. I am your constant listener. Sincerely I thank you for your ministry. It is priceless! Thank you for the messages, for the edification you bring, for all reprimanding and reminding. Recently an elderly brother came to visit us. Both he and his wife are well above 80 years of age. His wife is bedridden, and he is looking after her. Radio programs are for them a source of blessing and encouragement. They constantly listen to TWR. When we asked them how he and his wife were doing, he answered: “We are getting ready for Heaven, but I would like that more people would hear about God, and that Christians would donate to the ministry of TWR”.

Click here to learn more about ministry that is done in Ukraine through our national partner, TWR Ukraine.

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