Migrant Media Ministry – 10 Years of Telephone Devotions

dreamstime_13861679This year, ERF Medien Deutschland celebrated the 10th anniversary of the telephone devotions. People from all language backgrounds, such as Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Greek, were represented at this occasion.

ERF started its international telephone ministry on 1 October 2000 with three languages: German, English, and Russian. Within 10 years, the ministry grew to 25 languages with 12.000 monthly calls. ERF celebrated the 10th anniversary together with the volunteer producers and translators. It was a day of sharing, thanksgiving, training, and planning for the future.

Laura Wehner, a Bachelor of Arts student in marketing and communications, who is supporting ERF International for eight months from Oct 2010 thru May 2011, says about the event:

“It was particularly interesting when the speakers started sharing feedback and reactions they received from native speakers of their languages. I was especially touched by some of the emotional letters, saying how these devotions helped people find God and how this changed their lives. It became clear how important this work is to the numerous migrants in Germany and what an effect it has on their lives. The exchange of feedback was a significant motivation for every single one of us contributing to this work. It demonstrated that we are on the right track and that the program is continuously gaining awareness and popularity.”

The celebration of the 10-year anniversary brought in a lot of new ideas and methods to expand the program even further. One example is A Minute with God, produced daily by ERF Pop (www.erfpop.de). This message, with a maximum length of 40 seconds, combines a thought or situation from our daily lives with a relatable passage from the Bible. It is designed to help listeners deal with the challenges of everyday life. Several language groups, like the Portuguese, Italian, and Turkish, were very interested to translate these messages into their language and make them available on the phone.

Here is an example of A Minute with God: “‘Then the man and his wife heard the sound of the Lord God as he was walking in the garden in the cool of the day, and they hid from the Lord God among the trees of the garden’ (Genesis 3:8). Adam and Eve are afraid of God. They hide. They know exactly. They made a mistake. They are afraid of punishment; they can feel it that they are naked and helpless. I get that. I often feel helpless in front of God. But, He really doesn’t want me to hide. He wants me, despite my faults, to run into His arms.”

Even after 10 years, there is a strong interest and much potential to increase the number of languages and the offerings per language — with the help of the 50 volunteers from more than 30 countries and the TWR partnership.

By Dr. Thorsten Grahn

Source: InfoSERV

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