The First Decade of Ikonos Ministry

Ikonos, Serbian national partner of TWR has celebrated 10th anneversery on Wednesday November 10, 2010.

Zarko_i_BrankoBranko Bjelajac, who had at that time experience of about 20 years at Radio Belgrade, the main radio station in Serbia, stated to produce 15 minutes weekly radio-programs in Serbian language in 1999 from his student room at Badhovedorp, NL, where he was on Master studies in Theology. His mix of knowledge as professional ‘radio man’ and knowledge of theology was something that has inspired George Cooper, at that time Director of CEEM to establish the new national partner in Serbia.

All this was happening in the year 1999 when NATO bombed Serbia and Slobodan Milosevic was still in power. The program’s name was Messages of Reconciliation since goal was to turn people back to God, to reconcile broken relationship with heavenly Father.

In July 2000 in Belgrade, Ikonos was registered and on November 1, 2000 Ikonos officially started to work. The board was made of people from 7 denominations which was very unique situation for Serbian Christian organization at that time. Since January 2004 Ikonos started to produce programs in Bosnian and Macedonian languages, in 2006 in Romano Serbian dialect and in 2008 in dialect of Roma people in Macedonia. Now 10 years later we can say “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” Besides hundreds of hours of radio-programs, Ikonos published more than 25 book titles, and today is one of respected and well known Christian organizations in the country.

On November 10, present and former board members, workers, contributors and volunteers have gathered to celebrate the first decade of Ikonos Ministry. When we look back we must say that without great and faithful support and partnership with TWR, Ikonos would probably not exist today.twr_program_2010

We mentioned at the beginning that production started in a small student room in 1999, and until today, Ikonos went through several transitions and different locations. The office is now situated in Belgrade in the building which is next to the office of the Serbian Ministry of Religion.

We are very grateful for all God’s provisions and blessings in this first decade and we look forward to see how His ministry will grow in the future.

By Drasko Djenovic

Click here to find out more about Ikonos' program production and how can you support them.

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