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Using Media to Reach Out to Migrants in my Countrydreamstimefree_5178110_Stanislav_Butygin

„I would like to congratulate you for this telephone service in Spanish. It has helped me personally to strengthen my faith, as we live in a country, which is not our home country and with a language, which is not our own. Thank you for your ministry, which helps us to develop our faith. Especially in moments, when we are sad, it is a great joy, to listen to this message in our own language. May God bless you abundantly – please continue this wonderful ministry. Every day we pray that many more people will find their way to Jesus…” (voicemail in response to the Spanish program).

„Thank you. God bless your ministry. I am so grateful. A short time ago I have accepted Jesus as my saviour, therefore I would like to grow in faith.“ (voicemail in response to the Amharic program)

These are just two samples of encouraging responses from migrants in Germany who listened to TWR programs over the phone.

Migrants live in a culture which is quite different from their own, and often this is in a society which speaks a different language than the language of their heart. Therefore, migrants are longing for familiarity and acceptance, and what is more familiar than hearing something in your mother tongue? That is what Migrant Media Ministry (MMM) is all about—giving migrants the opportunity to easily access Christian programs in their mother tongue.

Even if migrants are illiterate, they quite often own a mobile phone and know how to make a call. They may not be able to surf the Internet because they cannot read or because it’s not available to them, but they can dial a local phone number. That is why the telephone, whether mobile or fixed, is an ideal media to reach migrants.

This is the list of languages offered by ERF in Germany.

Maybe you would like to try your language? … Your feedback is most welcome.

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