hope for Central Asia

What kind of impact do you make when you partner with TWR? How does your gift sow seeds and blossom in such needy areas as Central Asia?

Well, this past year, thanks to many faithful prayers and financial gifts

  • A new studio for recording our vital programs is being built!
  • 2 new local FM (UKW) stations in the region are joining our network to share life-changing messages of hope in this spiritually needy region!
  • Nearly 40 hours of Bible-based programs full of encouragement, testimonies and teaching are being broadcast in 8 languages each week!

Let us remember that it is very challenging to be a follower of Jesus Christ in this part of the world. The hostility felt from dictatorial authorities is challenging enough, but the most painful form of persecution can be abandonment from intimate family and friends.

Will you join us in our year-end online challenge to raise a final 5,000 Euros that will impact the lives of the spiritually hungry people in Central Asia?

Please allow me to share this incredible story from a local brother:

“It is virtually impossible for Christians to meet as a group, even in a home. Immediately, some neighbor or local authority will report any ‘suspicious’ meeting to the police who will then disband the gathering, destroy literature and issue a hefty fine, which is often impossible to pay.

My friend has a small van he uses as a taxi. In my country, basically anyone can be a taxi driver. Nobody checks for licenses or anything. Since this is not suspicious activity to the authorities, this Christian brother runs a ‘church-on-wheels.’ A group of believers waits at the bus stop for his taxi to come by. After they are all aboard, the driver takes off and turns on the current program where they listen to the Bible teaching, sing and worship the Lord. After going for a few rounds, he drops them off and takes the next group of people. People have to be creative here. Life is really challenging and difficult for believers…but despite the hardships, the Kingdom of God is growing!”

Indeed, the Kingdom of God cannot be stopped by man!

Please join us in supporting our brothers and sisters in Central Asia. Please consider giving a gift now. Thank you in advance!